Guardianship Working Group

The Guardianship Working Group is open to all organizations and individuals.

Diversity of domain of activity and geographical diversity is welcomed and encouraged.


The full charter is located in the .


In addition to the core principles of the Sovrin Governance Framework, the Guardianship Working Group operates under the following principles:

  1. Holistic view of Guardianship.​ Guardianship shall be developed within the context of the overall ​Trust over IP stack​ and will consider the technology and governance stack and also offline business operating models and processes.

  2. Global geographical coverage. The Sovrin Guardianship Working Group shall organise itself to include the widest possible coverage.

  3. Promote a variety of application domains and implementations. The Sovrin Guardianship Working Group shall be agnostic with regard to implementers and may treat Guardianship in any domain compatible with Sovrin’s governance principles.

Activities and Duties

Within the limits of its available resources, the Sovrin Guardianship Working Group has the duty to facilitate and promote the implementation of Guardianship within Sovrin’s governance principles. Activities to be performed include:

  1. Recommend any revisions to ​Sovrin Governance Framework (SGF) V2​ which pertain to Guardianship including Controlled Documents and Glossary and input to SGF V3 which is planned to account for the complete ​Trust over IP stack.​

  2. Act as a source of expertise and promote understanding of guardianship within Hyperledger and wider DID / SSI and regulatory communities.

  3. Develop task forces or sub-groups to focus on specific industries or user-groups.

  4. Develop community resources and practical guidance to support those implementing SSI based solutions including guardianship.

  5. Develop template or example design components e.g. schema, credential, governance framework design.

    1. Support efforts to create, develop, test and deploy projects, and to sharing learning from them

    2. Facilitate early-stage collaboration and testing of guardianship and dependent credentials in real-life contexts

    3. Perform business analysis and modeling to bridge the gap between business and policy requirements and technical requirements.

    4. Maintain the content of the Sovrin’s Guardianship Home Page. Promote forums for sharing research results, sharing testing / demo facilities

  6. Risk Mitigation

    1. Record and make available risk related information on guardianship and document mitigation proposals when available

WG Chairs

Americas & EMEA: Jamie Stirling - [co-chair position is open]

Asia Pacific: John Phillips - or Jo Spencer


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